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blog post 5

Montreal Video

Right here is a link on flickr.com where you can see a French painter, Mireille Gratier, in the Gallery Gora with me, standing beside her paintings. Voice: mine. It’s very easy to post on flickr if you have a camcorder with a preset uploader. Extremely easy. This was my first time. First use of the camcorder as well, a Sony handycam – if you want to see how that looks. Anyway, lots of fun.

blog post 4

I am elated to have just joined the sister website of this one, with a single page in Paris. As I started writing my first published book there, this is some kind of closing of the circle – to have my clouds in Paris in a beautiful display.

Let me know what you think.

blog post 3

Gallery Gora


The weather was glorious in Montreal – just under 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Off I went at 4:30 to the Exhibit Opening. I was surprised that many artists from Europe make the long trip. From France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg. And then Canada and the US. And another lovely note: they were all gracious and friendly, glad to meet as our photography or paintings shared the space. If I can get the camcorder to cooperate, I’ll post some of my videos on YouTube.  The exhibit is still running, on Rue Sherbrooke, and all are welcome to drop in.

blog post 2

What is giclee printing?

What is a pigment print?

Click here to find out.

Tango drum scanners I recommend after much searching:

Fine Art Impressions

West Coast Imaging

Printers I recommend for giclee after much searching:

Artful Color

Fine Art Impressions

West Coast Imaging

blog post 1

Cloud Optics:

Effect of Sunlight in Photography


If what we normally see exists only inside a visible range of light, and that range excludes ultraviolet and infrared, what would be the effect if, in a photograph, you deliberately captured slight levels of ultraviolet and infrared? This became a question which excited the photography and turned it also into research. The shapes that this meditative, relaxed state bring out fed an impulse to create the sense of viewing paintings, produced by the enlarged light range—as if Seeing into the Invisible, Beyond Where the Range of Our Sight Normally Stops.

The exhibit in Romania is typical of the experimentation in the photography, regarding what we can see. The darkened brown images were actually so bright that normally they would be invisible behind a white hole in the photograph. With what we normally see darkened, then we sometimes see what we normally would not see.

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