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My End of 2016 Art Events – Europe

Find more details about two November art events I am participating in by clicking here.

These are events where my photography will be displayed in Vienna, Austria, and another in Florence, Italy.



Interview with Margaret about clouds

Here is a link to an interview with me about why I take cloud photography and my history with clouds.

Click on the link and scroll down to

Listen to the Inspiration: International Art Book interviewer talk to Margaret A. Harrell about her photography

Video for the exhibition in rome

Here is the Rome art pre-exhibit YouTube video for ArtExpo Metropolis 2 that Sunscape: Face in Blue-Brown is en route to or has arrived at.

It’s eclectic, with art from a variety of countries, from  Romania to Japan.

The gallery is really publicizing it. Hope it draws a crowd.



Rome Exhibit

Here’s the announcement of the Rome exhibit in a small art gallery. Also, here’s the gallery link. And below is the cloud giclee that will be on the wall. We’re to use this for publicity. So to all my Rome friends, here’s the location. Of course, I need to make some Rome friends. Maybe this photograph will do it for me.

Sunscape: Face in Blue-Brown

Sunscape: Face in Blue-Brown

Sunscape Going to Rome

So this morning I received this announcement accepting Sunscape: Face in Tan-Blue for an exhibit in Rome:

Hello, we are pleased to inform you, that your artwork is selected to participate at “ArtExpo Metropolis” ! International Art Exhibition in Rome (Italy) from June 6,2015 to June 13,2015 vernissage saturday June 6,2015 at 18 in the centre of city La Vaccarella Art Gallery in Vicolo della Vaccarella,12 00186 Rome. Artistic director of gallery and curator of the exhibition Renato Costrini.

The next step is how to get it there. JW Photo Lab will print it on metallic paper, mount it, and add a hanging system. They will even pack it for shipping. But they no longer want the liability of shipping. So there’s that to figure out, including the customs paper. But I’m halfway there…


Images in Clouds – Metallic Prints

Rider on Horse

Rider on Horse

Metallic prints are a new format I love. They provide an easy way to print colors that pop. I have experimented with printing them at a 11×14 and 14×18 for those who do not want 20×30 cotton rag prints. Click on the photo to enlarge. Location taken: The Joyful Jewel “First Sunday,” Pittsboro, NC, August 3. Auleen Heffron, who attended, is looking at “Rider on Horse” (front) and a brand-new print, still untitled. Price: $99. They can be printed larger. In fact, there is a 24 x 16 on exhibit in Rome, Italy. All prints are a limited number. You will not find them widely reproduced. These are backed by a thin board, so they are ready for hanging. Or they can be framed.

2nd Annual Raleigh Artists & Authors Showcase



This can be a soft pastel or an intense set of colors. This version is intense.

Cloud images like this one will be on display Sunday, Nov. 10th, 1 – 4 p.m. at the 2nd Annual Artists & Authors Showcase

Where? Marina Bosetti Art Tile Studio, 1201 W. Lenoir St., Raleigh 27603

Among the attractions:

Tasty quiches from Benelux Cafe
Mini subs and wraps from Jersey Mike’s
and wine!.

I am very excited that the date is almost here. Have been assembling photographs and of course my memoir will also be for sale.

The display space is 6 feet by 6 feet. It’s amazing how you can quickly run out of space with art bins and tables. And there needs to be room to move around.


Marina Bosetti  Decorative Tile Artist

Autumn Cobeland Greenway Artist

Margaret Harrell Fine Art Cloud Photographer

Missie McReynolds Fabulous & Fun Wearable Art

Michael Morrison The World in Abstract

Dave Greway – Found Art Clock Maker

Pam McClure Fine Art Landscape Photographer



Jon Batson  Author of 12 Sci-Fi, Action-Adventure, & Conspiracy Novels and Award-Winning Short Stories

Margaret Harrell The author of “Keep THIS Quiet: My Relationship with Hunter S. Thompson”  and eight others.

Sandra Carrington-Smith Award-Winning author of “The Book of Obeah”, “Housekeeping for the Soul” and two others.

Denise Souza Wellness Specialist and author of  “To Our Health.”

Kathy Dillion Author of “Over the Top Tables”  – a visual feast of table top designs.


RSVP and let us know

you’re attending!

P.S. if anyone is interested in purchasing my cloud photography, it will be at a big discount, as much as 40% off, because there is no gallery commission! 




Cloud Panaroma

Click here to see the moving panaroma of clouds in  my See Me account. They nicely display the art and then viewers vote as well as judges. It’s an online way to get artwork before viewers and in a long shot get picked up for shows in Paris, New York, and other major cities. If you like the art, “support” it by clicking on the link and then sharing it on Facebook. Thanks.

This is the See Me display of my cloud art that’s in the contest “Art Takes Paris.” If you like it, “vote” and share the link on Facebook. All the See Me displays are well set up, and the judges here are part of major museums.



Cloud Forests

Below are two websites about Cloud Forests:


Click here to read more from

Cloud Forests Fading in the Mist, Their Treasures Little Known

John Roach for National Geographic News
August 13, 2001

They are nature’s “water towers,” providing billions of gallons of fresh, clean, filtered water. They are home to thousands of indigenous peoples, and storehouses of biodiversity, at least 80 percent of which has not yet been catalogued.

Yet in as little as ten years’ time, biologists warn, the world’s cloud forests—evergreen mountain forests that are almost permanently shrouded in mist and clouds—may be all but gone.



See video about Cloud Forests in Costa Rico here:

Cloud Forests

Keep THIS Quiet Too! cover


Keep This Quiet Too! is now published. Cover HST image by Alan Becker, who has an Aspen photography studio. Really good photographer and friend of HST. Many thanks.

Click here to go to the books website to read more.


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