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If you are in Rome, check out this photograph – on exhibit at 24 x 16 inches at Metropolis2 Rome exhibit – Margaret Harrell   Below is the same image, seen from another angle.

Metallic prints are a new format I love. They provide an easy way to print colors that pop. I have experimented with printing them at a 11×14 and 14×18 for those who do not want 20×30 cotton rag prints. Click on the photo to enlarge. Location taken: The Joyful Jewel “First Sunday,” Pittsboro, NC, August 3. Auleen Heffron, who attended, […]


The irregularity of the cloud first got my attention. In the original shot, the white in the center was so bright you couldn’t see the sun. Then when the negative was drum scanned, the sun became visible. But the image then got darker. When first developed, in film, unscanned, the irregular edges were very bright. […]

This poem comes from my cloud-illustrations book, Toward a Philosophy of Perception. It takes off from Walt Whitman – the line “I am part and parcel of all that  I survey.” There should be more dramatic spacing, but that was hard to achieve in this format. So far. I am sure the clouds can relate […]

Sundog in Tan Sky What to others a trifle appears Fills me full of smiles or tears For double the vision my eyes do see and a double vision is always with me with my inward eye ’tis an old man grey with my outward a thistle across my way. – William Blake, on his […]

I call this computer PK. It started accidentally in the 1990s after a death:  sometimes text pages of my manuscript would print out different than what was on the screen. These restructurings became illustrations throughout the Love in Transition/Space Encounters book series. When I showed samples to the late physicist Evan Harris Walker, a proponent […]

This is part of a series taken near the Taos Indians’ ancient village in New Mexico. I had been denied entry because they were in a month-long retreat for Easter—to support the old ways. Impulsively, I asked to be given a name in the Taos language. It was (in translation) Blue Flower. Back at the […]

Cloud Arc, Orange Splendor, and Sun Burst are examples of the many pastel photos. Cloud Arc’s alternate name is Arc-en-ciel, which literally translates Arc in the Sky in French but means Rainbow. In converting Cloud Arc into digital from the film, I have still not been able to match the color of the original 4×6 […]

“Let everything happen to you Beauty and terror Just keep going No feeling is final” – Rainer Maria Rilke These two images look similar to me – and yet very different. One, the thinner, was taken in Romania. The other, I am particularly fond of and see much in it. Look closely yourself and see […]

Limited edition pigment giclées These photographs appeared in the Marquis Who’s Who in American Art Artists Gallery in 2008 and 2009. Man in Feathers was taken near the Taos Indians’ ancient village, in New Mexico during their month-long Easter retreat. To read more, go to the Santa Fe Gallery. Silver Halide photograph. Media: Pigment Giclée on […]

These images – limited editions of 12 – were exhibited in the summer 2010 at the Gallery Gora in historic downtown Montreal, Canada. Cloud Gathering was also in Who’s Who in Visual Art—100 Fine Art Photographers 2011-12, published by Art Domain Whois Verlag. Leipzig, Germany. Celestine Conq was taken in Medford, Oregon above the convention […]

In the solo exhibit The Sun in Profile: So Bright It’s Dark in Sibiu, Romania, the darkness is the result of experimenting with excessive sunlight. The exhibit took place in April 2005, co-sponsored by the C. Peter McGrath Center at the Lucian Blaga University and the Romanian-US Fulbright Commission. I initially saw this image as […]

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