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Thoughts and Events

Find more details about two November art events I am participating in by clicking here. These are events where my photography will be displayed in Vienna, Austria, and another in Florence, Italy.    

Here is a link to an interview with me about why I take cloud photography and my history with clouds. Click on the link and scroll down to Listen to the Inspiration: International Art Book interviewer talk to Margaret A. Harrell about her photography

Here is the Rome art pre-exhibit YouTube video for ArtExpo Metropolis 2 that Sunscape: Face in Blue-Brown is en route to or has arrived at. It’s eclectic, with art from a variety of countries, from  Romania to Japan. The gallery is really publicizing it. Hope it draws a crowd.    

Here’s the announcement of the Rome exhibit in a small art gallery. Also, here’s the gallery link. And below is the cloud giclee that will be on the wall. We’re to use this for publicity. So to all my Rome friends, here’s the location. Of course, I need to make some Rome friends. Maybe this photograph […]

So this morning I received this announcement accepting Sunscape: Face in Tan-Blue for an exhibit in Rome: Hello, we are pleased to inform you, that your artwork is selected to participate at “ArtExpo Metropolis” ! International Art Exhibition in Rome (Italy) from June 6,2015 to June 13,2015 vernissage saturday June 6,2015 at 18 in the […]

Metallic prints are a new format I love. They provide an easy way to print colors that pop. I have experimented with printing them at a 11×14 and 14×18 for those who do not want 20×30 cotton rag prints. Click on the photo to enlarge. Location taken: The Joyful Jewel “First Sunday,” Pittsboro, NC, August 3. Auleen Heffron, who attended, […]

  This can be a soft pastel or an intense set of colors. This version is intense. Cloud images like this one will be on display Sunday, Nov. 10th, 1 – 4 p.m. at the 2nd Annual Artists & Authors Showcase Where? Marina Bosetti Art Tile Studio, 1201 W. Lenoir St., Raleigh 27603 Among the attractions: […]

Click here to see the moving panaroma of clouds in  my See Me account. They nicely display the art and then viewers vote as well as judges. It’s an online way to get artwork before viewers and in a long shot get picked up for shows in Paris, New York, and other major cities. If […]

Below are two websites about Cloud Forests:   Click here to read more from Cloud Forests Fading in the Mist, Their Treasures Little Known John Roach for National Geographic News August 13, 2001 They are nature’s “water towers,” providing billions of gallons of fresh, clean, filtered water. They are home to thousands of indigenous peoples, […]

  Keep This Quiet Too! is now published. Cover HST image by Alan Becker, who has an Aspen photography studio. Really good photographer and friend of HST. Many thanks. Click here to go to the books website to read more.  

  This was in a beautiful museum, where I and a friend wandered into the pre-exhibit room. Boxes had just arrived, awaiting unloading for the next exhibit. I practised pretending these were cloud images of mine. Why not? Meanwhile, the Het Torke Museum/Archives Director, Staf Thomas, will retire next year and may have a big […]

Where Do Images Come From? Excerpt from Toward a Philosophy of Perception Based on The Dictionary of the History of Ideas: Chance Images “Leonardo, moreover, states more clearly than Alberti does that chance images are not objectively present but must be projected into the material by the artist’s imagination” – H. W. Janson In the […]

People ask about the background of the cloud photography. In the 1980s I had recurrent dreams of unbelievable sky panoramas. Generally, the dreams showed me walking alone. I would look up and see clouds that moved in shifting, paintinglike formations, which I knew could not be real. Like a kaleidoscope of large, intricate scenes, they […]

On Chaos and Fractals: A cloud is made of billows upon billows upon billows that look like clouds. As you come closer to a cloud you don’t get something smooth, but irregularities at a smaller scale. Benoit Mandelbrot Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its light. Above all things reverence thyself. […]

Rembrandt: I can’t paint the way they want me to paint and they know that too. Of course you will say that I ought to be practical and ought to try and paint the way they want me to paint. Well, I will tell you a secret. I have tried and I have tried very […]

Galiara is expanding. If you like to  go and look at its online display of my photography, I would love to know what you think. Here is the latest news: Galiara, with its 4000 square feet expansive physical Gallery 4N5 in San Francisco, is engaged in the empowerment and promotion of artists from around the […]

Keep This Quiet! My Relationship with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, and Jan Mensaert is finally out!!! On sale here at 15% discount: B & N And here at Amazon: Same discount For Raleigh locals, you can find it in stock at Quail Ridge Books & Music. In other news, see the cloud images on […]

Artoteque – Art Time 2 I am thrilled at how my photography is laid out on Artoteque’s juried online exhibit for Art Time 2. Artoteque is a virtual online gallery, originating in London. I am finding it really synchronistic, how galleries in Paris, London, Canada, and so forth, and a book publisher in Germany are […]

Clouds communicate, according to Nature. They can communicate, “much like chirping crickets or flashing fireflies on a summer night,” reports Fox News. Not that this surprises me. It’s not communication, such as exchange of ideas, of course. But it’s about how cloud fields organize and communicate to produce rain. How they synchronize. More on that […]

Isabel Carafi, an Italian artist from the Montreal exhibit, has sent me this gorgeous video of her paintings. I post it here.

Montreal Video Right here is a link on flickr.com where you can see a French painter, Mireille Gratier, in the Gallery Gora with me, standing beside her paintings. Voice: mine. It’s very easy to post on flickr if you have a camcorder with a preset uploader. Extremely easy. This was my first time. First use of […]

I am elated to have just joined the sister website of this one, with a single page in Paris. As I started writing my first published book there, this is some kind of closing of the circle – to have my clouds in Paris in a beautiful display. Let me know what you think.

Gallery Gora   The weather was glorious in Montreal – just under 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Off I went at 4:30 to the Exhibit Opening. I was surprised that many artists from Europe make the long trip. From France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg. And then Canada and the US. And another lovely note: they were all […]

What is giclee printing? What is a pigment print? Click here to find out. Tango drum scanners I recommend after much searching: Fine Art Impressions West Coast Imaging Printers I recommend for giclee after much searching: Artful Color Fine Art Impressions West Coast Imaging

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